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From the Sir Donald Sangster International Airport you can either turn onto The Queens Drive (west) for a direct route or onto Sunset Blvd for a scenic route through the "Hip Strip".

Taking The Queens Drive,or the Hip Stripe they both lead into the center of the city where there is a fountain, keep right at the fountain , the first stop light make a left (by the Captain bakery) onto Church Street go all the way until the street ends and then turn left onto Dome Street, all the way to the top until the street ends make a right onto Union Street the entrance is the third on the right it says Richmond Hill Inn.

You will begin to wind your way up our driveway. As you climb higher up the hillside, you will start to see a great view of the city and waterfront. Once you arrive at the top of the hill and at the main entrance, you will be invited to walk through the doors and you will be astounded at the breath taking views you will see.

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